Cocobolo Wood Specifications

Cocobolo wood grain patterns Cocobolo small blanks
DESCRIPTION - Variegated tones of red orange and purple with darker to black contrasting grain lines. Slow growing tight ring growth beautiful figure. Grain pattern often swirly and or burl like. Sometimes strait grained but usually in larger trees.
WORKING PROPERTIES Machines well with power and sharp hand tools. Moderate blunting effect on cutting edges. Reduced cutting angle is required for planing or molding. Surface can be rendered smooth. Pre-drilling required. Stains to an excellent finish. Difficult to glue. Wipe joint w/ acetone or denatured alcohol and use 2 part epoxy for adhesive. Water based finish only. Swirly grain more likely to tear out. Spiral cutters are quite effective. UV blocker suggested. Don't expose to excessive dry heat. End grain and material thicker than 2" susceptible to checking. Very hard to dry below 12% mc. Quite workable at 12%- 16% mc. Masks are advised since dust can irritate skin & lungs.